vertical farming in sweden

Herbs grown climate friendly and space efficient with stable harvest all year round, stronger flavour and 95% lower water usage and waste compared to traditional farming.

our focus

Oh My Greens is the first vertical farm in the world offering Climate Neutral Certified herbs from seed to retail shelf

climate neutral & locally produced

We have 80% less emissions compared to traditional farming and all emissions are compensated so the herbs are climate neutral - with a clear emissions reduction action plan - certified in line with the Climate Neutral Certification Programme

natural with stronger flavour

Without pesticides and with low nitrate levels - the optimized growing climate gives herbs with more intense and strong taste

minimized water consumption

By reusing (recirculating) all water- and nutrition solution, we consume 95% less water in the farm with minimized waste compared to traditional farming

harvest & delivery all year round

We harvest and deliver every day, throughout the year. Thanks to the optimized inside climate, we grow our herbs contstantly with the highest quality and taste - no matter what the weather looks like outside

double shelf life

Up to 14 days shelf life which is twice as long as the current industry standard where the shelf life is 5-7 days in the best case

reduced production waste

75% less waste compared to traditional farming thanks to our optimized growing environment

powered by 100% renewable energy

Our farms are powered solely on wind power and consume up to 70% less electricity compared to traditional farming

automated & efficient farming

State-of-the-art vertical farming technology enables high automation with 35% faster growing cycles

our vision

A world where food production is truly sustainable!

our products


Basil has a clear sweet taste and aroma


Dill has a spicy aromatic aroma and flavor


Parsley with a fine peppery taste and aroma


Coriander has an aromatic, spicy taste with a characteristic sharp pleasant aroma


Moroccan mint with a fresh exotic aroma and taste


Thyme has a sharp almost minty flavor with earthy floral hints


Chives has a mild slightly peppery taste which releases a wonderful fresh aroma when cut


Rosemary has a pleasant aroma of pine forest with a sweet flowery flavor

Smooth parsley

Smooth-leaved parsley with a mild taste and large smooth leaves


French tarragon has a pungent, bittersweet flavor with anise and fennel like notes

Lemon balm

Lemon balm has a mild citrus aroma and taste which comes out best if you gently rub the leaves


Oregano has a bitter, grassy flavor with a trace of mint


Sage has a savory, slightly piney taste with subtle citrus notes.

Thai basil

Thai basil has a slightly spicy, anise-like flavor

Our certifications

IP-certification means food production with higher food safety, reduced negative climate impact, and more fair working conditions. Svenskt Sigill Klimatcertifiering (Swedish Seal Climate Certification) is only granted to raw materials from farmers who have done everything to decrease climate impact. That is concrete actions conducted in production with a significant impact to save our environment

Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8 is one of the toughest Food Safety certifications in the world and a sign of food production on the highest level of hygiene, quality, and safety

Global GAP Produce Safety Assurance Standard is a certification of Food Safety throughout the value chain of our herbs - from seed to packaging

Oh My Greens is the first vertical farm in the world delivering Climate Neutral herbs from seed to retail shelf - in line with the Climate Neutral Certification Programme. We calculate our emissions down to each gram of CO2 including raw material, storage, production, and the entire transport chain until our products reach the shelf. We work hard to reduce our emissions and compensate for our remaining emissions

we compensate for all our emission - with a clear action plan for emissions reduction

Board of Directors

Bruce Grant

Chairman of the Board

Bruce is the Founder and Chairman of Applied Value Group. Multi-entrepreneur for the past 25+ years, serving on the Board of Vestas. Previous experience: Chairman of the Board at Tele2, NOTE and on the Board of Kinnevik, Korsnäs, Metro, and Transcom ——————————————————–

Bert Nordberg

Member of the Board

Bert is currenty serving as Chairman of the Board at Vestas, Axis Communications, and Sigma Connectivity. Bert is also Vice-Chairman of the Board at Essity and Saab and member of the Board at Combient. Previous experience: CEO of Sony Mobile—————————————————————————————— ———————————————————

Kristian Tear

Member of the Board

CEO of Bang & Olufsen. Previous experience: Chairman of NOTE & mobilityView, Director of Tampnet, VP & Head of EMEA Logitech, COO Blackberry, EVP & Head of Sales and Marketing Sony Ericsson, President Ericsson in South East Asia, DACH & Central America

Management Team

Moses Isik

Founder, CEO, and Member of the Board

Moses is CEO and Chairman of Bake My Day Group and Chairman of Söderfors Steel. Moses has 14 years of experience from hands-on operational CEO work within many of Applied Value Group's companies

Abraham Melkeson

COO and Member of the Board

Abraham has spent the past seven years in the steel industry as Chief Executive Officer of Söderfors Steel. Prior to that, Abraham was the Head of Sales at Viasat

Kristina Melkeson


Kristina is an experienced financial professional, currently serving as Chief Financial Officer for Applied Industries, Bake My Day and Söderfors Steel

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